About Duff Norton Sales Australia


1998 saw a major change in direction for Duff Norton products in Australia. For the previous 25 years they had been well represented by David Brown Gear Industries who enjoyed a majority market position for screw jacks in Australia.

Through international changes in the David Brown Group, and their acquisition by the USA giant Textron, it appeared that Duff Norton products did not find a place in their new global marketing strategy.

This was an opportunity for then DBGI National Sales & Marketing Manager Ron Warman to negotiate the Duff Norton distributorship and establish a new company PT Link Australia.

Through separate agreements with a niche group of European manufacturers of power transmission products seeking a sales and service partner in Australia. In 2001 it was decided to market the Duff Norton brand name under DN Sales Australia and the European product groups through a change of name to PT Link Sales Pty Limited.

Duff Norton Company USA had also a major change in direction by being acquired by Columbus McKinnon Corporation.