Modular – Rotating Machine Screw

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Modular - Rotating Machine Screw

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Modular Actuators - 100 to 2,000 lb.

RATED LOADS: from 2,000 lbs, varies with gear ratio and motor HP
STANDARD STROKE: up to 24 inches
SPEED: to 170 in/min (varies with load and HP/RPM of motor)


  • Integral 56 frame, C-face mounting flange
  • A three-piece flexible coupling for easy motor assembly is included
  • Four threaded holes in base for standard hydraulic cylinder, clevis end accessory attachment. Tapped 1/2 20 UNF-2B
  • Rolled thread lifting screw, with work hardened finish, reduces coefficient of friction between screw and lifting nut. Provides smooth, efficient operation and long service
  • Steel worm and bronze gear set for quiet operation. Available in 5:1 and 20:1 ratios
  • Rugged lightweight aluminum housing is corrosion resistant
  • Bronze lifting nut for longer life
  • Standard grease fitting on housing for easy lubrication of worm gear
  • A stop-pin at the end of the lifting screw prevents inadvertent run-off of lifting nut

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